Which is best? Pros & Cons of Living in a villa Vs Apartment

There are different types of people; some like to live in an independent house, some want to buy an apartment, few like villa, and some can afford a penthouse.  Let us explore the pros & cons of living in an apartment and villa.

Pros of owning an apartment:

  • One has a wide range of advantages to enjoy like location, amenities, clubhouse, super markets and pharmacy near a well developed apartment complex.!!
  • You have neighbours next to your door; it never gives the feel of living alone if you are a bachelor. If there are any difficulties- like loading and unloading your groceries, there are people to lend a hand to you.
  • Apartments are much safer and you can go out of town for weeks and months locking your apartment unit. Luckily, there will always be a friend next to your door to keep an eye…
  • You have an awesome opportunity to make long term friendships in a gated community, to learn how to live and be a member of a well-knit community. There are gated community apartments in Chennai, where people live in harmony with each other.
  • Amenities like club house, swimming pools, play area, sport courts, super market, shopping complexes, coffee shops, ATM are provided to the occupiers to make them feel as comfortable as possible & to relax when they are stressed out of work.
  • Since it is a large community, apartment associations deal with problems inside the community.
  • Each member of the community may not have to go individually to address their common problems; it can be dealt through the association.
  • If it is a gated community, all the necessities are available within the community; there is no need of going out for your mini shopping.
  • High rise apartments provide good ventilation and sunlight. Nature lovers can enjoy the early sunrise and sunset every day.


Cons of owning an apartment:

  • The major disadvantage is that you cannot add-on storeys on top of an apartment unit.
  • Whether you use the amenities or not, you will have to pay for the maintenance regularly.
  • You have no control over who would be your neighbours and who are not.
  • Although you disagree on some issues among the community, the association takes over the problems to next step.
  • Keeping pets inside the apartment may be a big trouble for you. Some neighbours may not like dogs and some apartments restrict keeping
  • There may be a lot of fight and quarrel in the community for no reason at all.



Pros & cons of living in a villa:

  • The biggest advantage of living in a villa is freedom, privacy, and feeling like home. You own the freedom of designing your sweet home of your choice, construct according to your preferences and taste. Here you don’t have to compromise yourself to live in someone else’s taste.
  • You have your own compound wall around the villa. You have a garden to plant; grow greens, etc to enjoy a serene setting. Take a walk along the lawn and walk your dog, play with your kids. Feel the whoosh of trees and the wind that refreshes your mind and body. Feel the connection between you and nature in the gated community villas at OMR.
  • Having privacy is the major advantage in an independent villa. Noise pollution from outside the community (traffic) does not disturb the inner peace in the community.
  • There is no need worry about anyone or anything. It is your own villa, your home. Villa is the better choice you can take to be yourself. Want to have pets? Yes, you can have it here, but in an apartment, even sneaking in a pet is difficult most of the time.
  • Future modifications are possible in terms of a villa. You can add on storeys if you need in the future.
  • Although you have privacy, freedom, customisable facilities, it is you who is going to take care of issues in future related to the property. In case of a gated community, you have associations and groups to help you sort out the situation.


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