The need for Home Inspections in India

Although it is unlikely that you would have heard of them, the concept of home inspections in India is catching up quickly. Not just buyers, but even sellers are now willing to invest in quality home inspection services. A trained home inspector administers a visual examination of properties to identify flaws, faults and potential threats. It is the best way to check the condition of a property and get a clear picture of what you are investing in or if you are a seller, what you are delivering.

What really happens when you appoint an expert to inspect your flat or apartment?

A licensed home inspector visits properties mostly before a sale or a purchase is made in order to conduct a property inspection. The inspection is a visual, non-intrusive examination of the property. The home inspector uses multiple tools and equipment in order to conduct a thorough analysis of the flat or apartment. The lookout is mainly for flaws, potential risks and vulnerable areas.

What does a home inspector look for?

A home inspector evaluates the present condition of all of the property’s major systems by conducting a thorough visual examination of every system and fixture that is accessible. An expert home inspector has an eye for detail and can spot flaws, potential threats and damages that we tend to otherwise oversee or ignore. Additionally, home inspectors use advanced equipment and tools for the inspection.

After administering a thorough examination of the property, the home inspection team puts together a detailed report of the findings resulting from the property assessment. The report is comprehensive and easy to understand for everyone. In addition, the team also provides photographs to help locate the problem area without any trouble.

However, one must make a note of the fact that a home inspector can only give you a status update on the current condition of the property, and cannot be held responsible for future damages and system failures. The report is effectively a snapshot of the house, recording the conditions on a given date and time. It cannot predict future behaviour, and as such, cannot be held responsible for events that occur after the inspection. Unpredictable repairs should still be anticipated somehow though. This simply means that it is a good idea to get one’s home inspected often, ideally once every year.

This basic act of prudence not only proves to be economical but also goes a long way in providing a safe home environment for residents and their loved ones.

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Post Author: Sudhindra Naib

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