Five famous celebrities who own property in Goa

From the long, palm-dotted beaches teeming with tourists to luxurious Portuguese-style heritage buildings, Goa is a fine balance between the old and the new – a heady mix of a serene city and an enchanting tourist paradise with its greenery still preserved in good measure. It’s just the right place to own your private villa […]


Why you should consider Goa as your retirement destination?

Goa a former Portuguese colony and a hot holiday destination is soon becoming the most sought after retirement destination in the country. A private luxury retirement home set in Goa’s beautiful bucolic environment is a dream come true for many. With luxury projects offered as retirement homes,Indians, non-resident Indians and foreigners arethronging to Goato book […]

Private villas in Goa Professionally designed by Goan architecture

Private villas in Goa Professionally designed by Goan architecture

From Jade Jagger’s rustic Goan getaway to designer and hotelier Isla Maria’ van Damme’s bohemian private villa, Goa is a beehive for those who want to reconnect with the susegado lifestyle. Many choose to make Goa their home just to tumble out of the bed and jump straight into the turquoise blue sea, to spend […]