Property Management vs Real Estae

Property Management vs Real Estae

Property Management VS Real Estate

Today in India we hardly know what Property Management is and how they work for your property. Any property related work we always go to real estate agent, whether to put your property on rent or for buying and selling. But do anybody know about property management and how they function? First, let us know what property management is all about: Property management is the service which controls and manage the property in absence of the property owner. Property management takes care and monitor and looks after the accountability status of your property. So let’s see how property management and real estate are distinguishing among them.

  • Management companies deal directly to prospect tenants without disturbing owner’s time and make them tension free. Whereas Real Estate agent makes owner run along with them in order to search tenant.


  • Property Management Company registers your property on major top property portals and makes sure that your property visible on first on every search. Whereas Real estate will not do that for your property and they are not highly updated with the online portal.


  • Being your property manager we deal with collecting of your rent and transferring the rent income on time in owners account, provides you on-demand maintenance and repair services, actively handling tenant’s complaints and problems and even pursuing evictions. But this all services are not given by any of the real estate agents. They can’t promise you hassle free services, their job ends as soon they assign tenant to your property.


  • Property management not only provides you with the tenant but they also run security and background check on tenant so that we make sure that your property is in safe hands. We provide you with all legal assistance in terms of the agreement and yearly profit and loss statement of property. Plus we also provide you property mobile app where you can track the status on your property and this all services are not given by Real estate agent.


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  • rakib hossain

    (July 25, 2017 - 2:52 pm)

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  • Ritesh

    (August 21, 2017 - 3:34 pm)

    Nice article……

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