Private villas in Goa Professionally designed by Goan architecture

Private villas in Goa Professionally designed by Goan architecture

From Jade Jagger’s rustic Goan getaway to designer and hotelier Isla Maria’ van Damme’s bohemian private villa, Goa is a beehive for those who want to reconnect with the susegado lifestyle. Many choose to make Goa their home just to tumble out of the bed and jump straight into the turquoise blue sea, to spend idle time by the pool or to flip through pages swaying in a hammock. If you are looking forward to reliving the simple pleasures of the indoor-outdoors lifestyle in a space of your own, look no further than these professionally designed private villas in Goa.

A Hankering for Modern Comfort in a Historic Setting

You can find luxury villas inspired by Goan architecture spread out over different locations in Goa, often poised in locations that define bucolic charm. Designed with the requirements of the holidaymakers in mind, some of these villas give easy access to the many beaches while some are set in the discreet and secluded idyllic villages where the only sounds you hear is the crash of the waves.

Many of these private luxury  villas in Goa are designed by internationally acclaimed architects to suit the sensibilities of the young urban family. Think typical Goan verandahs that create a traditional appearance and uber-luxe rooftop floors with infinity open air swimming pool, a sun deck, and spectacular views of endless mangrove trail.

A drive along North Goa will grant you a rendezvous with the quarry house steeped in history, with thick laterite walls, high ceilings, sloping roofs, and roots firmly fixed in traditional Goan design. This atypical creation has open rooftop terraces that offer grandiose views of the quarry.

Located in the pristine heart of Nerul and positioned at the centre of a kitchen garden is this modern chic farmhouse. Solid laterite walls, pitched terracotta tile roofs, and large pitched roof overhangs give a distinctive Goan character to the farmhouse.

A Sense of Palatial, Ultra Luxe Space

Many of these villas are fully furnished with a distinctively modern aesthetic that gives them a warm and rich look. The spaces are created so as to represent an extension of the home dwellers’ personality and lifestyle. The sense of luxury comes through the richness of the materials used in construction and furnishing and through subtle details like customized furniture pieces, accessories, and commissioned art. You can always give a signature touch that embodies your personality with iconic furniture and contemporary art of your choice. With a 24-hour concierge service at your every beck and call these private luxury villas are perfect for those who want to just relax and recharge.

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