Karnataka govt to regularize illegal houses on revenue land

Karnataka govt to regularize illegal houses on revenue land

BENGALURU: After the bill to amend the Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1964, which is expected to benefit 4-5 lakh landless labourers who have settled in 4,000 clusters of habitats, the government is launching a scheme to provide permanent houses for the urban and rural poor who have put up temporary houses on revenue land.

The scheme, Ambedkar Nivasa, will be launched on April 14 to mark the 125th birth anniversary of B R Ambedkar. “The rural and urban poor who have constructed temporary houses on revenue land and have no other housing elsewhere in the state, will be given permanent houses in the same place. The beneficiaries will be identified through gram sabhas,” social welfare minister H Anjaneya said on Wednesday.

Once identified, the beneficiary can apply to the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited. The government will give Rs 1.75 lakh subsidy for those who are residing in rural parts of the state and Rs 2 lakh for the urban poor. The government will form layouts in revenue lands recovered from encroachers.

In cases of encroachment of private land by the poor, Anjaneya said the government will buy such lands at guidance value, up to three times the guidance rates, to accommodate the homeless.

Source : http://realty.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/regulatory/karnataka-govt-to-regularize-illegal-houses-on-revenue-land/58163966

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