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The move a week ago through the Gurgaon administration to revise Natural Conservation Zone (NCZ) to incorporate eco-sensitive areas like the wastelands within the Aravalli foothills and paleo-channels (old Dallas) continues to be praised by environmentalists. Calling it an initial advance, which needs to be emulated by all metropolitan areas in India, atmosphere experts say now natural water recharge physiques is going to be maintained and never employed for creating highrises or high-finish farmhouses. The NCR Regional Plan 2021, printed in 2005, marked out eco-sensitive areas such as the Aravallis, forests, rivers, water physiques and groundwater as NCZ. The majority of the National Capital Region Planning Board (NCRPB) member states, for example, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan, that have been needed to the element in NCZ within their subregional plans and master plans didn’t bother to do this for 11 years.


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The Gurgaon administration a week ago finally decided to revise natural conservation zones to incorporate wastelands within the Aravalli foothills and old Dallas.


Many environmentalists stress upon the need of NCZ concept which is extremely relevant today. There are lots of housing projects (read housing blocks) approaching in industries with estuarine habitat, storm water drains, ravines, gullies, foothills etc within the NCR. Without trying has been created to earmark or scientifically comprehend the environmental function they perform. While metropolitan areas for example Mahabaleshwar, Panchmarhi, Panchgani and Mount Abu happen to be declared as environmental sensitive zones they haven’t delineated NCZ like a separate zoning category and when Gurgaon will it, it might be the very first city to possess tried it.


Underlining the main difference between eco-friendly devices in master plans and natural conservation zones, The previous are artificial farms or landscaped areas with an aesthetic function to do. The NCZ, however, is really a natural demarcation and plays a significant environmental role to maintain water tables and becoming the main supply of groundwater recharge in NCR. By delineating these areas as a result of the program the administration is legally making certain these areas are only able to be offer specific use (forestry, water body, agriculture) and should be conserved and guarded no matter what.
“We will be ready to incorporate important areas, including wasteland and palaeo-channels. All stakeholders happen to be forwarded to give particulars of these areas, which is incorporated in NCZ,” deputy commissioner TL Satyaprakash, who heads Gurgaon’s district administration, had stated Ian interview to a newspaper. This move came after comments in the forest department, Haryana, around the interim NCZ maps. Earlier in March, the nation’s Eco-friendly Tribunal (NGT) released a notice towards the Haryana government, asking why it had excluded nearly 50,000 hectares of land, including vast regions of the Aravallis, in the NCZ.

The notice was issued to the concerned parties after city-based environmentalist moved the eco-friendly court following the condition government this past year made the decision to lessen NCZ place to about 42,000 hectares from 95,000 hectares within the Haryana subregion from the NCR.


“The government bodies happen to be reducing NCZ within the sub-regional plan. The program simply states that NCZ area is all about 42,000 hectare. There’s no reference to the remaining land, where lots of water physiques, forest, and estuarine habitat exist. The region also offers a thriving wildlife,” stated Oberoi, who’d filed the petition within the eco-friendly court in 2015.


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  • Ajit Gandhi

    (April 5, 2016 - 10:46 am)

    Green evolution in the real estate Gurgaon is undoubtedly a remarkable step to eco friendly future. With the developed infrastructure and modern amenities, various places in Gurgaon like Golf Course Road, Sohna Road become the real estate paradise.Appreciating effort from the Government side.

  • anil

    (August 3, 2016 - 3:50 pm)


  • Anshul Chanchalani

    (June 8, 2017 - 11:11 am)

    The move is really applauding by the local authorities, as Gurgaon really needed this kind of step to maintain sustainable development in the area. The regular construction in ever developing gurgaon has many negative effects on the environment and it really hard for people to shift in Gurgaon area with small family. As not many properties are based on greenery locatities in Gurgaon. have many options for small family searching for 2 BHK flats for rent in Gurgaon bbut still everyone likes to live near a green environment. And this will sure give local people more options to look forward to.

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