FAR For Plotted Colonies In Haryana Increased.

FAR For Plotted Colonies In Haryana Increased.

Chandigarh: Haryana government has increased the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for residential plots in licenced colonies.The government has additionally increased the FAR for change of land use (CLU) granted projects for residential use together with purchasable development rights under the Haryana Building Code, 2016.

The Haryana Building Code, 2016 provides that additional FAR is allowed on the payment of charges as authorized by the government every once in awhile, an official release said here today. Underneath the new rules, FAR for residential plots of 75 sq mtr till 250 sq mtr will be 1.98 as well as for 251 sq mtr till a lot more than 500 sq mtr, FAR is going to be 1.8. At present, FAR during these houses varies from 1 to 1.65.

FAR is definitely the ratio of the building’s total floor area (gross floor area) to the dimensions of the bit of land upon which it really is built. Wherever the property on the plot was already constructed or is being built, the owner would have the option to purchase additional FAR to the extent required.

The rate for the increased FAR differs from Rs 485 to Rs 8,070 per sq meter depending upon the potential for zones.The ground coverage for up to 75 sq meter till 250 sq meter residential houses has been kept at 66 per cent while for 251 sq meter till over 500 sq meter houses, the floor coverage continues to be kept at 60 per cent.

In case the difference in the size of plot from the standard dimensions are more than 20 per cent, the costs of the category where the plot falls, according to actual dimensions of the plot, would be applicable.It has additionally been clarified that the number of dwelling units allowed on residential plots would remain the same and there will be no increase in exactly the same because of rise in FAR.

In these cases, the Department would not insist upon purchase of maximum allowed purchasable FAR, it said. In case of fresh sanction of plans and in cases where construction is being raised after demolishing the existing structure, the option of partial purchasable FAR would not be available.

Since additional FAR is being permitted, the zoning plans or architectural controls in licenced colonies or HUDA colonies will be suitably amended. No further composition of zoning violation beyond the maximum permissible covered area and FAR will be allowed in case allottee purchases additional FAR.

In cases where additional FAR is not being purchased, the existing composition policy would continue. Further, in case of existing building on a plot where extra area has already been compounded according to policy, the same would be counted in the maximum permissible ground coverage and FAR being allowed as purchasable FAR.

The entire revenue generated with the purchasable FAR would visit the concerned Municipal Authority for licenced colonies and also to HUDA, wherever HUDA needs to strengthen services due to increased density and would be utilized for consequent development works that may be necessitated.

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