Different types of Home Loans

SBI makes home loans above Rs 75 lakh cheaper

MUMBAI: Country’s largest bank, State Bank of India (SBI) has taken a lead and lowered interest rates on loans above Rs 75 lakh. This comes within days of Reserve Bank of India reducing capital requirement on big ticket home loans. The bank has lowered home loans rates by 10 basis points for home loans above […]


Mumbai – Setting New Benchmarks In New Residential Real Estate Properties

India has emerged has one of the most lucrative destinations for investment and its noteworthy that a lot of it has to be credited towards better policy reforms. With several institutional investors ready to invest in the real-estate sector in the coming years, its only obvious that Mumbai, India’s financial capital, finds itself as one […]

Why is Investing in Real Estate Considered a Smart Investment Option?

When you plan to make any investment, it is very important that you get good returns on your investment. While there are many schemes and policies that help you in saving for the future, investing in things that guarantee constant earnings and good returns is always better. Earlier, investing in real estate was more of […]


Why on time possession of property for builders and buyers is important?

The letter of possession of the property by a builder fills the owner with unparalleled happiness. On the same side, the news of delay in the possession of property leaves the owner low-spirited. There is no surprise that delay in the possession of property has become noticeably recurrent in India. The time taken in the […]

central park 3 cerise suites

Central Park 3 Cerise Suites: Grand Space for Grand Lifestyle

There is nobody that does not love food, so likewise investment in a right place should also be a good habit to imbibe, so that you can see where your capital is going and how much benefit you can take out of it. Everything is important in life and once you start taking everything wisely […]

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