Buying a Residential Space in Dr Mukherjee Nagar is Best Investment

Dr. Mukherjee Nagar in West Delhi is not only a premium location for residential purposes but over the years, quite a few commercial outlets and retail brands have opened their branches here. Connected to all other major areas of the city through roadways, this region is quite easily accessible. There is no direct stop for […]


Everything that you need to know about a Personal Loan

Personal loan is also known as all-purpose loan as it serves all of the personal needs of the borrower. Personal loan is granted for three major categories of need: Personal (health and well-being). Major medical emergencies can be solved enabling you to first get the aid and repay the amount borrowed later. This may be […]

Real estate sector to benefit in long run

Real estate sector to benefit in long run

The real estate sector has seen three major developments in the last one year – demonetisation, introduction of Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) and now the Goods and Service Tax (GST) regime – that is expected to boost transparency significantly. While big players within the sector are looking at some relief, they agree that in […]

GST impact on real estate What will change when you go to buy a house

GST impact on real estate: What will change when you go to buy a house?

The switchover to the GST regime is undoubtedly one of the biggest tax reforms in post-independence India.  From July 1 2017, GST effectively cuts through a confounding Gordian knot of taxation complexity in the country. In other words, it replaces the multiple taxes levied by the central and state governments and will become subsumed of […]

Disruption of Indian Real Estate

Disruption of Indian Real Estate

Usage of land in India is mostly based on spatial economic theory. Basic perception is that land close to the city centre is used most intensively and the value of the land decreases outwards. Inadequate usage of technology and research is keeping landowners in lack of insights in future use of land and thereby failing […]

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