First home buyers: down but not out

The latest housing data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals that first home buyer activity in the market is low, with first timers making up less than 12% out of all home loans financed in August. But foreign buyers aren’t to blame. A combination of challenging conditions is impacting the number of first home […]

What Really Sells Luxury Homes In India

Luxury homes in India are often offered with a very confusing set of qualifying parameters. Developers heavily promote specifications and amenities in their marketing collaterals, but fail to mention a far more critical parameter. On analyzing the unfolding luxury homes story in India, it becomes evident that addresses and pin codes have played an important […]


What Does Haryana Poll Results Hold For Property Market

The poll results for the Assembly election conducted in Haryana have been recently announced. Although not shocking, the results indicate considerable restructuring in the functionality of Haryana’s government. However, market experts are quite divided about the fate of real estate market in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is one of the largest property markets of the country and […]

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Consumer activism: Buoyed by social media and pro-consumer courts, homebuyers take on errant builders

MUMBAI | NEW DELHI | KOLKATA: There was a time when anyone buying a home was at the mercy of the developer. Delays, shoddy construction, unjustified price increases — all had to be swallowed without protest. That seems to be changing, with at least some consumers who have sunk their life savings into buying a […]


Importance of Festive Seasons in Real Estate Market

Indian customer has always been regarded as the most disillusioned & Emotional customer of the world . Who while buying something, will consider everything except the Product itself. Simillarly Indian Home Buyers while buying his Dream Home will not just consider the Price, Construction Quality, but also Vastu & the Direction. Leaving Property related aspects […]

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