Outdoor tile trends for new year

You must have had different ideas to transform your outdoor living space. You must have thought of few designs as well. The outdoor living space is as important as the indoor living space. It’s healthy, fun & beautiful! Transforming your outdoor living space with tiles sets the tone & elevates your space. Here are few […]

Noise resistant winodws for home

Noise resistant uPVC winodws

Windows and doors have gone above the realm and serve purposes than they were originally designed for. Previously windows were designed for the purposes such as ventilation, letting in sunlight and keeping the intruders at bay, but with the advancements in the uPVC technology windows now have a varied range of advantages. These uPVC windows are […]

The need for Home Inspections in India

Although it is unlikely that you would have heard of them, the concept of home inspections in India is catching up quickly. Not just buyers, but even sellers are now willing to invest in quality home inspection services. A trained home inspector administers a visual examination of properties to identify flaws, faults and potential threats. It is […]

Colored uPVC profiles uPVC

Colored uPVC profiles uPVC

White uPVC profiles have always taken precedence in being the foremost choice for any architectural design. Off late, a trend for coloured and laminated uPVC profiles has seen a rise in the Indian market. Choosing the right colour and texture of the uPVC profiles is the first step towards designing an aesthetically pleasing space. Okotech […]

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