central park 3 cerise suites

Central Park 3 Cerise Suites: Grand Space for Grand Lifestyle

There is nobody that does not love food, so likewise investment in a right place should also be a good habit to imbibe, so that you can see where your capital is going and how much benefit you can take out of it. Everything is important in life and once you start taking everything wisely […]


Is Ready to Move House Better Than Investing in Under Construction Properties

One of the pertinent questions that most homeowners face and bothers while making a new investment in residential segment of the real estate industry is whether to invest in ready to move in flats or book it while it still under construction. Now since there are financial aspects to a real estate investment, people try […]


Why People demand for “Luxury Homes”..?

Though the real estate market keeps changing now and then there is always a category of people who are not happy with the house they live in. The rising demand in the sector has created a boom and it is needed to build more luxury homes in order to fulfil the increasing needs of the […]

Is India ready for RERA

Is India ready for RERA?

Mumbai/Bengaluru: The new real estate act, aimed at bringing transparency and accountability to the sector, is set to take effect on Monday across the country even though significant hurdles in implementing the law remain. Many states are far from ready with the infrastructure and resources to implement it while most builders and real estate agents […]


Impact of GST on Real Estate

The impact of GST on real estate will depend upon the abatement allowed on agreement value, says CRISIL survey. From the point of view of consumers, the impact of GST on the real estate sector will hinge on its effective implementation rate. In the residential segment, completed properties do not attract service tax and so […]

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