Buying a Residential Space in Dr Mukherjee Nagar is Best Investment

Dr. Mukherjee Nagar in West Delhi is not only a premium location for residential purposes but over the years, quite a few commercial outlets and retail brands have opened their branches here. Connected to all other major areas of the city through roadways, this region is quite easily accessible. There is no direct stop for metro in Mukherjee Nagar as of now but going on to any other Metro connections that passes through West Delhi can bring you here, because of this reason Flats in Mukherjee Nagar are likewise in good demand.

The region is mostly dependent on buses and autos and autos operate here very frequently from various parts of the city. There are about twenty bus stops nearby that intersect the region from various quarters and makes it possible to commute, the major ones being Daka Village, Radio Colony, Tagore Park and Maharishi Balmiki bus stops. Most of the DTC buses as well as private bus routes operate along the region. Owning a 2 BHK flat in Delhi and that too in Mukherjee Nagar would automatically connect you to various major parts of the city because you would be located in a strategic location. The children of the families residing here would be going to schools like Rosary Senior Secondary School, Playway Nursery School and also the ICFAI University which provides complete education, right from the childhood to senior level.

If one has to access the railway station or the airport, they would have to come near the heart of the city to the National Highway 8 which can be accessed by the various buses. Cabs of course are also to be found in abundance. Almost every item of daily necessity can be found here because of the presence of Setia General Store, Leecosto and the Delhi Mall. The people here can also access the best medical facilities with the proximity of hospitals and medical centers like MVID Hospital, Pal Surgical Works and Sant Nirankari Charitable Hospital. Flats in Mukherjee Nagar in these areas is hence going to be of great importance because the residents would automatically have access to all the amenities that are essential for a modern Indian family.

All the major banks and their ATMs are also located close by and the residents have access to quite a few entertainment centers as well. Prices of property here hence depend on where exactly the apartment is located. A 2 BHK flat in Mukherjee Nagar of about 900 sq feet and right on the main road can cost the buyer about Rs. 90 lakhs. An independent builder floor can cost around Rs. 1.5 crores as well. A 3 BHK villa or bungalow, with some open spaces can be priced at Rs. 4.5 crores and that too at the rate of about Rs. 3 lakhs per square yard. Tagore Park being in its vicinity and, a prime location, it is impossible to get a flat here below Rs 2 crores. Since the area is saturated enough, even flats in the resale market can cost quite a lot.

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