Why on time possession of property for builders and buyers is important?

The letter of possession of the property by a builder fills the owner with unparalleled happiness. On the same side, the news of delay in the possession of property leaves the owner low-spirited. There is no surprise that delay in the possession of property has become noticeably recurrent in India. The time taken in the […]


Top 2 Emerging Real Estate Developers In Mohali

Phrases like “Best place on earth to invest is earth” and “Safe like home” stands true even in today’s era. Home is and will always be the most comfiest and safest place, no matter how many national and global tours are on our list right now. Investing in real estate property goes a long way […]



Real estate has grown as one of the most promising businesses in this money-rich world. Everyone views putting money into property as the safest mode of investment. With the increasing NRI inflows and FDIs, and the visible shift of real estate from a family-oriented business to a professionally managed business, this sector is on the […]